Celery Juice Detox Symptoms | Benefits | Side-effects

Celery juice boosts detoxification of the digestive tract, liver, headache, fatigue, process bowel movement, and it has detox benefits symptoms & side effects.

celery juice detox

Probably, you have heard the amazing health-boosting benefits of celery juice especially when it is taken every morning with an empty stomach. Celery juice supports our body from irritation and swelling to high blood pressure & cholesterol level.

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What is Detox Juice?

Detox juice is basically well nutritious juice of fruits and vegetables that is extracted with optimized juicers. We have listed a complete guide on the best juicers optimized for celery and leafy greens fruits and vegetables.

Usually detox juice is taken for minimum 3 days. You only eat water and detox juice for a specific period of time. The detox drink smooths your liver and digestive tract.

During the detoxification and cleanse period, drink detox juice after every 2 hours consistently. So, don’t skip green smoothie in detox juice as it may disturb blood pressure and sugar level and may cause the loss of detox juice benefits.

celery juice for weight loss

Green Detox Juice

Try green detox juice of cucumber, pear, celery, and lemon if you are finding a simple detox smoothie for detoxification and cleanse.

It is a weekend 3-day detox recipe in which you are required to take 5 juicers in a day and you need to eat only one meal comprising fruits and vegetables.

I make mixed celery juice with any other fruits, vegetables & herbs with the hopes of getting high nutritious juice. It is straightly going into a juicer machine to extract ounces of pure mixed celery juice.

Ingredients for green detox juice

ingredients for green detox juice

Detox Guide

Combine every ingredient together with an optimized juicer so that their ingredients completely mixed together. A strainer can be used to completely mix the ingredients.

We have listed the best juicers that are optimized for celery and leafy greens in a completely separate guide. Don’t get hesitate, read the full guide.

Furthermore, after trying this recipe few times, I also have read the health benefits of celery juice. In this way, I began to like celery juice. Hence, celery has become part of my detox recipe.

Celery is rich in fiber. Its juice has alkaline properties that consist of more than 90% of water. In my opinion, celery juice is a key ingredient in detoxification and cleanse and its juice should be taken every day.

Celery juice has ability to minimize blood pressure. The phthalides substance in celery juice helps to soothes the arteries muscles and hence normalize blood pressure.

reasons to drink celery juice

In addition, celery is an anti-calorie food as well as an aspirant of weight loss because of the presence of high fibrous content in it.

Besides this, if you intend to make detox fruit juice, than you need to eat only white grapes till 7 days. It is a top fruit recipe for detox and cleanse. The apple and pear fruit is the second detox fruit recipe you may choose.

The daily requirement of fiber is 35g for an adult body as it minimizes the cholesterol level of your body and effectively reduce the threat of breast cancer. The reason is that it contains enough amount of vitamins A, C, K, and minerals that helps in this regard.

Cucumber is another ingredient that is similar to the celery. Cucumber is a good source of vitamin B that contains nearly 95% of water that helps to rehydrate the human body.

Similarly, lemon is consists of vitamin C that makes the better taste of leafy green celery and vegetable juice.

You can add ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder with lemon and celery juice. The same amount of rock salt can be added with celery and lemon juice but I personally don’t like it.

Celery Juice Detox Benefits

Alone celery juice contains chemicals that have been considered to be effective for detoxification and curing some diseases.  

In a lab study on epigenetic, celery juice that is found to be anti-inflammatory and defensive against cancers. It contains an anti-inflammatory effect that facilitates allergies.

celery juice detox symptoms benefits

A survey with the name of human pilot study published in natural medicine journal in which patients with mild to moderate hypertension took daily celery juice for six weeks.

In the end, the examiners saw a statistically substantial reduction in the participant’s blood pressure

celery juice detox

Most of the statics have shown that celery juice comprises quality vitamin k which helps with blood clotting potassium which leads to healthy blood pressure and helps to normalize all other processes within the body

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Does celery juice detoxify liver & digestive system?

Celery juice contains sodium cluster salt particles that facilitate our liver to generate the essential amount of bile. Bile is a digestive juice that is secreted by the liver to store in the gallbladder. This gastric juice helps to breakdown the food into tiny particles and eradicates the waste particles from our body.

health boosting benefits of drinking celery juice

Sodium cluster is the unique salt which destroy pathogens by eliminating infertile streptococcus bacteria, purify bloodstream and detoxify stomach & digestive system.

Some of the statements linked with celery juice include:

  1. breaks down pathogens, bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi, and mold
  2. increases your bile to improve your digestion
  3. dissolves gallstones in the gallbladder
celer juice carrot juice

In addition, many people have stated that it heals

  • Eczema & itchiness
  • Acne illness & chronic exhaustion
  • Syndrome migraines high blood pressure
  • Cure addictions allergies & autoimmune illnesses

Some say that celery juice transparent facial skin and improves digestion health with less bloating.


So, drinking celery juice boost the secretion process of gastric juice which helps in detoxification and reduces the cholesterol level.

Does Celery Juice Burn Belly Fat?

Celery juice has amazing benefits and it is usually taken to reduce weight loss and detoxify the digestive system. Celery juice facilitates in production of secreted gastric juice in the liver which helps in the rapid digestion of food.


So, drinking 16 ounces of celery juice on empty stomach helps in detoxification, reduces belly fat, raises the autoimmunity of our body.

Celery juice for lungs detoxification

Now let’s talk about some of the things you should include in your diet for lung detox number one is green smoothie celery juice.

Green celery juice contains many antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation in the lungs these compounds may even protect the lung tissue from the harmful effects of smoke inhalation.

celery juice detox symptoms

Recent research comprising more than one thousand adults in Korea stated that people who take at least two cups of green juice per day had better lung function than those who drank none.

Celery juice contains vitamin D in it. A vitamin D rich diet improves your lung health. Make sure to spend 10 to 20 minutes of exposure to sunlight every day so that the vitamin in your body could be converted into its active form.


Celery is an antioxidant vegetable and you must include antioxidant foods in your diet. Nutrient dense foods especially those abundant in antioxidants are well known for helping the lungs recover to their optimal health.

An antioxidant-rich diet helps to purify the bloodstream and neutralize the free radicals that damage the lung cells. Thus it is necessary to take juices that are packed with antioxidants to promote overall lung health.

Some of these foods include celery, kale, spinach, cucumber, carrots, and apples which contain a variety of phytochemicals including quercetin catching fluorescein and chromogenic acid. All of which are strong antioxidants.

celery juice detoxification skin symptoms

Celery, carrot, and apple mixed juice contain abundant antioxidants of vitamin c and carotenoids turmeric and its powerful ingredient curcumin have powerful antioxidant health benefits as well.

In addition, celery juice contain one of the highest antioxidant levels of all common fruits and vegetables. The main antioxidant compounds in celery and leafy greens juice are known as flavonoids.

Some other very good leafy green fruits and vegetables that have abundant antioxidants include celery, lime, kale, cucumber, leafy vegetables, lentils, beans, grapes, walnuts, and garlic so these were some of the foods that you should include in your diet that will help in your lung detox.

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Celery juice detox symptoms

Majority of the people today face some kind of liver toxicity which may result in several health problems. Drinking celery juice regulates our digestive tract and it has a direct effect on bowel movement.

The people who have toxins in their stomach experience high bowel movement as celery juice detoxify infertile bacteria and helps in the production of liver bile.

Moreover, celery juice is a healing beverage that contains sodium cluster salt and it helps in the detoxification of pathogens like streptococcus bacteria.

If you have fatigue, headache, and liver toxicity symptoms, you will feel the rapid and temporary reaction in the belly by taking celery juice

Celery juice detox side effects

Celery juice psoralen chemical compound which is sensitive to sunlight. This substance increases the sensitivity of skin cells against the ultraviolet rays of sunlight which can cause dermatitis and photoaging. Moreover, foods containing psoralen substance can cause itchiness & skin irritation.

So, if your body shows sensitivity against celery then you must avoid it and must seek medical treatment.

Furthermore, if you are struggling against high blood pressure, you must be careful against celery as it contains high sodium content. However, drinking celery juice doesn’t create any major health problems.

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