Best Juicer for Celery Medical Medium 2021 – Omega MM900HDS

Omega MM900HDS is a heavy-duty juicer in silver finish and it is the best juicer for celery juice in 2021 by medical medium, and it is a completely cold press celery juicer.

medical medium celery juice detox

If you are in a hurry and have a shortage of time take a quick glance at the best juicers for celery juice in 2021

Image Product Feature Price
Top Rated Celery Juicer


Constant Juicing Automatic Dry Pulp Ejection, High Nutritional Yield, Less Heat Emission & Oxidation, Endorsed by Medical Medium. Check On Amazon
Nutrition Center


Nutrition Center, Constant Juicing Automatic Dry Pulp Ejection, Dual Stage, Chrome Finish, Immunity Booster, Extract Fruits, greens & Celery Juice. Check On Amazon
Budgeted Celery Juicer


Best Budgeted Slow Masticating & Grinding Cold Press Vegetables, Fruits & Celery Juicer, Optimized for Baby Health, 7-Segmented Spiral. Check On Amazon
Completely Cold Press


Jumbo Twin Gears Complete Cold Press Slow Masticating Juicer Optimized for Vegetables & herbs, Fruits, Grind Nuts, grains with Automatic Pulp Ejection. Check On Amazon
Multi-Purpose Juicer


Affordable Stainless Steel Juicer Cold Press Juicer Machine, High Nutrient Fruits, Vegetable Celery Juicer, Reverse Functions, Safe & Quiet Operations, Easy Clean. Check On Amazon
Best Fountain Plus


Dual Speed Motor, Powerful Stainless Steel Disc, Extra Wide Feeding, Safety Locking Arm, Dishwasher Safe, Micro Mesh Filter, 8oz Cups in 5 Seconds. Check On Amazon
Celery Nutrition Center


Best Dual-Stage Celery Juicer, Automatic Pulp Ejection Function with Constant Juicing, Quiet, Optimized for Celery, Fruits & Vegetables Juice. Check On Amazon

best medical medium recommended juicer for celery

Best Juicer for Celery Medical Medium

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A medical medium celery juicer squeezes every drop from celery. As a result, you grasp every single nutritious component from celery. Get to know about best celery juice cleanse.

Omega MM900HDS

Medical Medium Recommended

Top Rated Celery Juicer – Omega Premium

Omega MM900HDS slow & cold press masticating juicer specially designed & optimized for celery juice. It extracts juice can be stored up to 72 hours without loss of nutritional.value.

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As stated by William Anthony; no celery juicer in the market may squeeze every single drop from celery and leafy greens herbs except omega MM900HDS celery juicer.


  • Dual-stage juicer machine
  • Small and convenient shaped
  • Comparatively large funnel
  • Best Omega Juicer for celery juice
  • Certified & Recommended by Medical Medium
  • Optimized for celery, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits.
  • Small kitchen & personal use only
  • 15-years Warranty
  • Small chute size
  • Less than 60 decibels echo
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made with an antioxidant material
  • External pulp ejection process


  • 80 RPM speed
  • 48 to 72 hours juicing life
  • 2HP motor
  • Silver chrome finish
  • 150 Watt electric power
  • Runs at 110V to 120V
  • 13 Pounds Weight


  • 1 juicer
  • 1 juicing screen
  • 1 juice collection bowl/juicer container
  • 1 pulp collection bowl/pulp container
  • Specialized end cap
  • Standard end cap
  • 1 celery attachment
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 plunger
  • Hopper
  • Auger
  • Chute
  • Drum
  • 1 Manual


  • Cold press celery juicer
  • Dual-stage juicing
  • Minimal heat buildup and oxidation
  • Perfect for leafy green vegetables
  • Automatic dry pulp ejection
  • Quiet operations
  • Perfect for a small-medium kitchen
  • Stablized rubbered feet
  • Easy to clean
  • User friendly


  • Slow speed – time taking
  • Unfit for making nuts, butter & milky products

So, medical medium juicer is suggested by Andrew William for celery and leafy greens juice. And, I understand the omega MM900HDS juicer through the guidance of medical medium.

If you are worried about juicer selection, check our detailed analysis on best juicers for celery.

Further, if you have a shortage of money and looking for the best-budgeted celery juicer, take a quick suggestion on the best cheap juicers for celery juice in 2021

Cheap Celery Juicer

  • Centrifugal juicer
  • Multi-purpose juicer
  • Extra fast speed
Small & Cheap

  • Black Finish cheap juicer
  • Adjustable flow spout
  • 3-years warranty
Powerful celery juicer

  • Powerful juicer machine
  • BPA free
  • 2-years warranty

There are two adjustable end caps specially designed in this modal. The specialized end cap is optimized for celery juicer and leafy vegetables while the standard adjustable end cap is used for juicing other mixed juicing and other hard produce. Also, there are three pressure adjustment setting in MM900HDS celery juicer.

Further, this juicer runs at 80 RPM speed. RPM is revolution per minute. The slow speed results in minimal heat build-up and less oxidation. So this juicers extracts maximum enzymes from fruits, leafy green and stringy vegetables.

omega mm900hds medical medium recommended masticating juicer parts

The feeding mouth of the juicer is comparatively large for celery. Therefore, you will not need to cut the celery into smaller pieces before start juicing. For convenience, there is extra large feeding tray and a built in handle.

It runs slowly and has easy cleaning process. You need to assemble fewer juicing components to start juicing.

So, if you are struggling to find best medical medium recommended protocol juicer for celery, this specially optimized celery juicer will work effectively. However, it act as an ideal juicer for other fruits and vegetables.

omega j8006hds front
omega j8006hds auger
omega j8006hds rubber feet

Furthermore, I have tried other masticating juicers for celery, but I found this juicer very compliant with celery and leafy green vegetables. This juicer is completely different machine that is specifically designed to juicer stringy vegetables and fruits.

Besides this, this omega juicer has easy assembling and cleaning processes; makes nutritious celery juice and completely noiseless. What makes you happy is that omega can extract 16 ounce juice from only 6 celery pieces.

This top notch omega rarely leaves behind a single drop in the crispy pulp. It does great job throughout the whole operations. The discharging pulp is amazingly dry and extract every single drop from celery.

best omega 8006hds juicer for celery

Usually, the old omega juicers leave much more pulp inside and outside. But this model is made with silicon end cap that facilitate to get every drop from celery. You will rarely find any pulp in juice.

A special brush is come with machine that helps to clean the filter screen very easily. So you need not to use toothbrush for this job. The metal quality of this model has been improved.

Omega medical medium juicer ignite your health level through organic celery juice. The celery juice facilitate in detoxification, optimized digestion system and helps you boost energy level by organic way.

Premium Celery Juicer

  • Industry Top Rated
  • Optimized for Celery Juice
  • Medical Medium Certified
Multi-purpose Juicer

  • Stainless Steel Cold Press
  • Perfect for Leafy Greens
  • Affordable Price
Budgeted Celery Juicer

  • Upgraded Spiral System
  • Affordable Price
  • ETL Certified

Moreover, this juicer is cold press slow speed masticating celery juicer for celery juicing. Likewise, the slow speed helps in protecting and maintaining nutritious substances and it is antioxidant juicer.

Most importantly, you are allowed to store celery juice more than 36 hours with degradation and loss of nutrients. However, it should not exceeds from 72 hours.

This cold press juicer is an efficient way to grasp health and nutritious enzymes to optimized and maintain immune system as well as overall health.

Omega NC900HDS

Best Nutrition Center

Cold Press Slow Masticating Juicer

Nutrition Center, Constant Juicing Automatic Dry Pulp Ejection, Dual Stage, Chrome Finish, Immunity Booster, Extract Fruits, greens & Celery Juice.

Check Price


So, this heavy duty cold press masticating medical medium celery juicer provides a powerful prescription of antioxidant to stimulate and protect immune system.

Some people try to juice celery from auger-type Chinese juicers. The Chinese juicers might be good for many people but they lasts in few weeks or months. They may work well for you but the motor usually ended when you juice stringy and fibrous produce.

Top Picks

  • Complete Cold Press
  • Optimized for Herbs
  • 12-Year Warranty
Top Picks

  • Best Nutrition Centre
  • 5 Adjustable End Caps
  • 15-Year Warranty
Top Picks

  • Dual Speed Motor
  • Robust Stainless Steel Disc
  • 8oz. cup in 5 Seconds

Also, the 2 HP motor of MM900HDS juicer has gear reduction ability and it is much heavier and steady than Aicok celery juicer.

On the other hand, the omega juicer is designed like a tank. the parts are heavier, durable and strong and they are prepared from thicker mastics.

Omega H3000D 365 Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

Cheap Masticating Juicer

Create Delisious fruit, vegetable, & high yield leafy green juice

Preserve & retain well nutritious content, ensures quality juicing for leafy green vegetable produce by preventing from oxidation & heat build-up.

Check Price

As this juicer is optimized for celery juice, it can create problem with hard produce. However, it will work best for root vegetables without any difficulty indeed. Also, it is very cooperative with citrus fruit.

One strange difference that has been observed is that this juicer and similar shaped omega juicers don’t have screen less additional auger for making nuts and butter products. However, you can buy that auger for making nuts and butter.

best omega 8006hds celery juicer

So, if you are looking best medical medium cold press slow masticating juicer and celery juice is your priority, this modal is the perfect choice for you. Likewise, if celery juice is not a priority, there are other omega juicers that are perfect for mixed juicing of fruits and vegetables.

In our opinion, strainer has been observed the most difficult part for cleanup.

If you are intending to buy the best litle juicer for celery juice and you can afford it, buy this juicer for the first time for making your life easy.

Image Product Feature Price
Adjustable Flow Spout


  • Affordable price
  • Compact small juicer
  • 3-years warranty
Check On Amazon
Small Celery Juicer


  • centrifugal juicer
  • Cheap juicer
  • 1-year warranty
Check On Amazon
Cold Press Juicer


  • Masticating technology
  • 10 years warranty
  • Magnetic Induction AC Motor
Check On Amazon
Vertical Masticating


  • Sleek design
  • Self-management
  • 2 years warranty
Check On Amazon

Lets compare the breville juicer with omega juicer. First of all, breville juicer is fast with 6500 low RPM speed to maximum RPM speed of 12000. While omega juicer has 80 RPM speed. So, Breville juicer will save your time as compared to omega juicer.

The Breville juicer can extract 24 ounce juice in almost 5 minuts while the omega juicer will do it very slowly and takes almost 12 to 15 minutes. The people who have to go for their job in the morning don’t have much time. So, they use breville celery juicer.

5 Reasons to Drink Celery Juice

Celery is a leafy green that is used with other ingredients for making highly nutritious juice. However, extracting only celery juice has amazing healing benefits. Here we have listed five reasons to drink celery juice.

Heals Gut Health

Celery is a special fibrous vegetable that act as natural laxative and it optimizes the digestive tract of human body. Further, it helps to relax the nerves that have been cracked by junk unhealthy foods.

In addition, celery juice makes calm and pacifies the digestive tract, and reduces the sensitivity of inflammation in the digestive system. The amount of natural sodium in celery juice helps in the utilization of food you eat all over the day.

The celery juice enzymes increase the amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach which ensures the easy digestion of food.

According to the William Anthony, drinking celery juice is an effective way to alkalize the gut. The varieties of sodium substances present in celery juice eradicate the toxicity from your gut, reconstruct the stomach lining, and heals the gut problems. He further states that drinking celery juice every morning with empty stomach optimizes the gut health and smooth the digestion system.

Make stronger Your Bones

Do you noticed that the celery stalk looks like a bone? Further, the signature concept shows that the appearance of a plant which relates to any of the body part also beneficial for that part. One more wonderful fact about celery is that it contains 23% sodium and a single bone also contains 23% sodium.

Celery contains calcium and vitamin K that facilitates damaged bones, bone metabolism, and osteoporosis. When foods containing organic calcium is cooked, the organic calcium is converted into inorganic substance. So, it is recommended to take fresh juice of celery which contains enough amount of organic calcium.

The deficiency of organic calcium and sodium in your food doesn’t facilitate bone health, rather makes them inelastic and weaker. However, celery juice provide the necessary amount of calcium and sodium that facilitates and strengthen the skeleton system.

Reduce Inflammation

Polyacetylene and luteolin are two types of specific compounds present in celery juice that make it anti-inflammatory center. The luteolin stops the negative effect of genes which are sensitive to inflammation and react rapidly against inflammation.

Cytokine is an inflammation sensitive gene which increases the chances of inflammation. However, luteolin 90% stops the production of cytokine and prevents them from reacting against inflammation.

Furthermore, the luteolin also act as antioxidant that fights against free radicals, reduce the genes from oxidative damage which are related to the inflammation.

Similarly, the polyacetylene is defends the anti-inflammatory properties by minimizing the inflammatory tissues of the body. So, the combination of polyacetylene and luteolin reduce the happenings of osteoarthritis and Alzheimer problems.  

Refines the Blood Stream

Celery juice contains a specific compound called coumarins that stimulates the white blood cells and vascular system which results in maximum blood flow, lowering of blood pressure, and filtration of bloodstreams.

The dead processed foods contains inorganic salts and other useless elements that leads to the nervous system and blood pressure disorders. The sodium cluster salt in celery juice reduces the viscosity of the blood, increases the blood fluidity, and prevents the blood from becoming too thick.

The combination of iron, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C reconstruct and promote red blood cells and assist in high blood pressure, and arthritis. 

Cleansing your Body

Celery juice has alkalizing and hydrating properties which neutralizes the body pH and acidity level. In return, it minimizes the risk of heart diseases, increases bone density, reduce the sensitivity of inflammation, and stronger the immune system.

The mixture of potassium and sodium in celery juice make it diuretic natural juice. It controls the amount of fluid in the body and increases the urine creation. The maximum urine production helps in flushing out the toxic chemicals from the body and ultimately expand weight loss.

Further, celery juice has the ability to eradicate the calcium deposits from the kidney and joints and exclude them safely. Drinking only celery juice without mixing it with other juices streamlines the digestion, detoxifying, and cleansing.

Omega MM900HDS: FAQs

How does omega MM900HDS work with carrots and beets?

If you want to juice carrots, you have to cut the pieces of carrots into small pieces in such a way that the pieces could fit into the feeding mouth. Most of the time, carrots will fit into the feeding mouth and doesn’t require prior work. Similarly, the beets are required to cut in twofold to make it small enough.

Hurom HH-SBB1 Elite Slow Vertical Masticating Celery Juicer Noble Silver

Slow Squeezing Technology

Affordable Slow Vertical Masticating Juicer

Silver Finish Slow Masticating Celery Juicer Squeezes 35% More Juicer From Celery & Leafy Greens, Ideal for Soft & Hard Produce, Make Nutts, Butter, Diary Products with15 Years Warranty

Check Price

What is the core difference between Omega MM900HDS and Omega NC900HDS juicer?

The omega MM900HDS and NC900HDS have the same properties, but NC juicers are comparatively large and efficient than the medical medium series. Celery juice with NC series is much better than the J8006 Omega series but extracts the same juice as a medical medium.

If I want to make orange juice with Omega MM900HDS, do I require to crust the oranges?

Although, this juicer is optimized for celery juice only, but you may juice oranges. Most importantly, you need to cover off the orange skin before juicing. For this purpose, the standard end cap will be used.

Slow-squeezing masticating versatile Hurom celery & green juicer

Slow Squeezing System

Slow Squeezing Technology with Whisper Quiet AC Motor

Ideal item for juicing celery & wheat grass, mincing garlic & herbs, squeezes healthy substances leaving dry pulp extracting natural organic taste juice with 72 hours.

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Can medical medium juicer is perfect for ginger juice?

Off course, this will work well with ginger to extract juice.

Should I worried about the plastic parts omega juicer that directly works in juicing?

No, you should not concerned about it as celery itself comes in plastic packaging. In addition, the plastic can be kept clean and germs-free easily. Besides, the plastic auger should not be made with metal. On the other hand, the grinder is made of heavy duty plastic and unlikely to break off until you juice the produce harder than celery.

IKICH Reverse Function Cold Press Masticating Juicer

Beginner’s Friendly

Affordable masticating celery juicer with portable bottle

72 hours juicing shelf life, 90% juicing yield and two speed functions with less heat up & oxidation, BPA free dishwasher safe parts.

Check Price

How about the cleaning process?

The overall parts are very easy to clean but few parts take more seconds such as the juicer screen that needs to scrub with a brush. This brush is a part of a machine and it looks like a toothbrush. Besides this, other parts just need to wash with water.

How much juice juicer container store in it?

The juicer container of Omega MM900HDS has 32 ounces storage capacity.

Can end caps work with older omega modals?

Yes, the end caps will work with few older models of omega juicers but will not work with J8007 and J8008 series.

What is the feeder size of the juicer?

Its feeder diameter is 1-5/8 inches. It is perfect for celery sticks but fruits and hard produce require to cut into strips.

SKG Q8 Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer for Celery

Compact Sleek Design

Affordable Slow Vertical Masticating Juicer

White Finish Slow Masticating Celery Juicer with Fine & Rought Strainer, 2 Years Warranty and 30 Days Return Policy

Check Price

Does it juice sprouts and ginger?

Yes, it can.

Can this modal work with 220 voltage?

No, it is made with the compliance of US voltage.

Does this juicer make nuts butter and milk products?

No, this juicer is designed and optimized for celery juice only and would not be ideal for non-juicing functions. The juicer doesn’t have non-juicing parts.

Does it juice single celery stalk at a time or needs to cut into pieces?

Yes, you can juice single celery stalk at a time and doesn’t need further cutting.

Omega H3000D 365 Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

Cheap Masticating Juicer

Create Delisious fruit, vegetable, & high yield leafy green juice

Preserve & retain well nutritious content, ensures quality juicing for leafy green vegetable produce by preventing from oxidation & heat build-up.

Check Price

Is omega MM900HDS is good for all juices?

To be honest, I use it for celery juicer only. However, I have tried to juice cucumber and apple and that was fine experience.

Is it BPA free juicer?

The container and other parts that are directly in contact with juicing are BPA-free but not sure about the overall components.

Does it work with wheatgrass?

Yes, it works best with wheatgrass and leafy greens vegetables.

How to clean omega MM900HDS?

  • Remove all juicer parts
  • Wash with boiled warm water if necessary
  • Place the parts on the rack
  • Wait for a while to make sure the parts has been dried

How is the support system?

I have also check the support management and I received an auto generated message only.


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